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    Default I prefer Sandhya as a 'Ghar Ki Bahu' over 'IPS officer': Pooja Singh

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    Actress Pooja Singh who essays the role of Emily in Star Plus’ popular show Diya Aur Baati Hum might be the youngest bahu on her show, but the girl has no problems whatsoever with the screen space she gets to share in the show.

    Talking about it, Pooja explains, “Diya Aur Baati Hum has given each and every actor equal space and credit even to those who don’t have dialogues in a particular scene. I feel very happy being the youngest bahu since I receive loads of love, both on as well as off screen.”

    We have seen all types of bahus. Pooja has however played a role of a catholic in the beginning and she even expresses her thoughts on the same. “In the beginning I played the role of a catholic but as of now I am a complete Marwari. You can notice the change from my dressing style then to the way I appear now. I was a bubbly girl in the beginning, however now I am more responsible and participate in all Rathi family rituals and traditions with a smiling face.”

    What did she have to say about weaknesses, does she have any?

    “I am a person who is prone to mood swings. This does not happen very often though, as an actress there are certain duties that I have to fulfill. I need to be steady and so I need to keep my moody attitude aside and resume work without thinking much.”

    The bubbly actress shares a great bond with both her on screen sisters-in-law. “I am not a choosy person, and I share a great bond with both my bhabhis. They are very jovial and delightful to spend time with.”

    Pooja had this to say when she was asked about her show’s competition with other shows like Beintahaa, Veera and Pyar Ka Dard. “Firstly these shows have a completely different storyline and are good at what they do. Diya Aur Baati Hum has a completely different concept altogether. I haven’t even watched any episodes of Beintahaa. My team works day in and day out in order to keep entertaining our viewers. I think we are well off keeping the ratings in mind. I don’t think we have any competition, forget tough competition. Personally I also feel that Ye Hai Mohabbatein is low on trps because of the time slot they are offered.”

    She even put forth her thoughts about Deepika Singh (Sandhya) and also about the character that she plays. “Deepika carries her character extremely well. She brings in an extra spark to the show as she exhibits her emotions naturally. And I prefer Sandhya as the typical Rathi Bahu over IPS Sandhya. Earlier she used to spend most of her time at home specially conversing with me and now she spends most of her time at the police station. Therefore I don’t prefer the latter half.”

    Did she say something about Bhabho? Of course she did. “What is not to like about her, she has all the good qualities one would find difficult to pen down. She is funny and very loving and we share a great bond together.”

    And past experiences? “I’d say I performed well as Poonam who was Meenakshi’s sister in the serial Aasman Se Aage. The role of Poonam was very challenging and I had my own freedom when it came to acting. Since there was a bit of violence I had to be outgoing. I am happy with my role as Emily too since I am able to try something different.”

    The elegant beauty really wants to be a part of the reality show Bigg Boss. “I don’t mind being a part of Bigg Boss as a contestant. I will easily bear the consequence whatever it may be. There is nothing special as such; it’s just that I want to try something new and Bigg Boss will be a complete different experience altogether.”

    Well, we wish Pooja all the very best!!



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