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    Default I want to overcome my fears: Deepika Singh

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    Being the top actress on the small screen would make anybody bloat with pride, but then we have actors like Deepika Singh who have their feet firmly grounded.

    Success has not managed to change this beauty who enjoys her popularity but humbly works hard to better herself in every sphere.

    When quizzed on getting tired or bored of playing the same character (Sandhya in Diya Aur Baati Hum), Deepika quipped, “No, it has never bored me. But yes, I do crave for long chuttis (holidays). Since I am a person who enjoys travelling, I want to go explore the world and spend time in peace, away from the hustle-bustle of daily life. I also have a keen interest in Buddhism, and feel it’s important to detach yourself from worldly pleasures to be able to have a good life.”

    We asked the actress, who is known for her good image, would she ever shed it off for meaty roles..."Firstly, I don’t know how I have managed to keep the ‘good image’ in place. Trust me, I have never paid for it (laughs). But yes, most definitely I would like to try something really interesting and spicy next. A character like Tapasya of Uttaran, played by Rashami Desai, really encouraged me to try acting and I am more than game for it. Even on this show, I have tried to experiment a lot in terms of expressions, acting methods and character graphs and it has worked well. As an actor, I want to face my fears and overcome them,” said the girl.

    With a beautiful face and a great figure, would we get to see you in a bikini? “Once an actor gets into a role, it’s not them but the character that has to do the required actions on screen. Initially, I was also scared to do even simple romantic scenes onscreen but now having grown as an actor, I can see it as my work and not take it personally. Hence I would be ok with everything that the scene requires me to do.”

    So was marriage a right decision, specially at the peak of her career? “I don’t think I got married young. It is the right age to be married. If I was not acting, I think I would have got married a couple of years earlier! I think marriage is destined, and not our decision. I am against the thinking that career can hinder a marriage or vice versa, so I will always feel right about my decision.”

    “But yes, I am really lucky to have found a husband in Rohit (Raj Goyal) who is my constant support. If you have the right partner, I think marriage is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a person. For any relationship to work, commitment is important and there is no better commitment than marriage. You actually get to grow and learn so much about yourself, life and everything when you start living with a person. I think everyone should get married and enjoy this phase,” smiled the bubbly beauty.

    When asked how she manages to spend time with her family, Deepika shared, “I hardly get time to spend with Rohit and my in-laws, but I know they understand and don’t judge me. Rohit was the one to set my base in the profession and thus, whatever I do and achieve every day, he is present in it. This is why I never even miss him because he is around me in various ways.”

    That's a very different way to show love, eh?



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