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    Default Neelu Vaghela continues shooting for Diya Aur Baati despite being ill

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    Health is wealth!!!

    Everyone on Earth has these three golden words inscribed in their minds. But sometimes committed and hard working professionals in their zest to keep abreast with their work go out of their way to finish their ventures without much considering their health conditions.

    Similar is the case of one of our dedicated television artistes, Neelu Vaghela, who is shooting despite being unwell.

    When we called up Neelu for a small chit-chat, who plays the all important role of Bhabho in Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum (Shashi Sumeet Productions), she seemed to be a bit low. Otherwise, she is one of the celebrities who can cheer any journo with her quirky quotes and joyful attitude.

    Alarmed, we asked this beautiful lady if she was keeping unwell.

    Pat came the reply, “Yes, I am unwell. Maybe over work is the cause of all this. With back-to-back shoots without offs, my body is giving up. I am really feeling weak today.”

    The actress further said that she was experiencing heaviness in the chest and breathing issues. This worried us further, after which we advised her to immediately rush to the doctor. The dedicated woman that she is, Neelu said that she would visit her doctor only after she finishes her shoot this evening.
    Take it easy Neelu; you have a long way to go!!!

    We salute your devotion towards work and wish you a speedy recovery!!!



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