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    Default Money is not that important for me: Neil Bhatt

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    The dynamic and easy-going Neil Bhatt has proved that money is a tool to keep you going whenever needed as he answered a few questions for our Lifestyleís investment section. The hard working actor recently galvanized the audience by playing cadet Zakir on the television show Diya Aur Baati Hum airing on Star Plus.

    How important is money to you?

    Money is very materialistic to me and therefore itís not that important.

    Are you an impulsive buyer?

    No I am not an impulsive buyer.

    What are the investments that you have made?

    I have invested into a house which is situated in Santacruz, Mumbai. Apart from that I bought myself some gold and a Volkswagen car.

    What has been your most expensive purchase?

    It obviously has to be my house.

    Do you feel financially secured?

    Yes, I feel secured financially but I feel insecure as an actor.

    Who handles your expenses?

    I usually handle the meager amount and my dad handles a larger amount when it comes to expenses.

    What was your first salary?

    I started my career as a choreographer in 2005 with a minimum salary of Rs. 5000.

    How much money do you carry every day?

    I carry plastic money with me wherever I go since itís more manageable and safe.

    Your advice to new investors?

    Research before investing into something and keep a track of your expenses.



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