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    Default Maasa to teach Sandhya the art of wooing in Star Plus' Diya Aur Baati Hum

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    Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum (Shashi Sumeet Mittal Productions Pvt. Ltd.) is witnessing some eye-catchy episodes at the moment.

    And if sources are to be believed, the creatives are all set to tickle the funny bones.

    As seen so far, Dadasa has challenged the ladies of the house to get hold of the necklace that he wants to gift Maasa by midnight. Aware of the necklace drama?

    Well, if not, here we are to throw light.

    As seen, Dadasa planned to gift Maasa a beautiful necklace once she unveiled her beautiful face to him in the midnight. Midnight? Why? This is all a part of the shaadi fun as Dadasa and Maasa got married recently.

    But Maasa caught rashes on her face, all thanks to Emily’s (Pooja Singh) mistake. Now the former is shy and is not keen on showing her face to her husband.

    What would that mean? That would mean no necklace for Maasa.

    But she will be hell-bent on getting hold of the neck piece.

    “However, Dadasa would ask the ladies to grab the necklace from him or else ask Maasa to show her face,” said a source.

    Accordingly, Maasa will ask Sandhya (Deepika Singh) to woo Suraj (Anas Rashid) and get the necklace from him as he will be in possession of it.

    Since the innocent Sandhya does not know the art of wooing, Maasa will plan to teach her. Therefore, after learning the skill, Sandhya will try to impress upon Suraj, albeit in a very technical way, resulting in hilarious situations. Eventually, he will hand over the neckalace to Sandhya.

    Finally, all will settle down and Maasa will get the necklace and get rid of her rashes and come face to face with Dadasa, much to everyone’s shock.

    When we contacted Deepika, she confirmed the development and said, “It was fun shooting for the sequence where I am learning techniques of wooing from Maasa. I am sure that audiences will like it.”



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