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    Default I love wearing loose pyjamas, shorts and T-shirts: Kanica Maheshwari

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    Kanica Maheshwari is my dear friend. She is my co-star in Diya Aur Baati Hum and is seen as Meenakshi Rathi. She has a pretty lavish lifestyle; hence as a guest editor at, I decided to talk to her about her fashion fundas. Read on:

    Fashion is: Wearing comfortable clothes.

    Who chooses your clothes? I and my husband.

    Do you wear accessories? I do wear a lot of accessories, like
    diamonds, Rolex watches, solitaires and neckpieces.

    Do you follow any brands? Versace.

    Favorite shopping destination: London.

    Most expensive buy: My most special buy is my engagement
    ring. Apart from that, my Dolce & Gabbana slacks and latest, my Audi Q5 car.

    Clothes you are comfortable in: Loose pyjamas, shorts and T-shirts.

    Favorite designer: Roberto Cavalli.

    Must-have in your wallet: Money, lip balm, keys, blush and
    photo of my husband.

    Favorite perfume: Prada Candy.

    Color that fills your wardrobe: Yellow is my color. I have
    yellow sandals, yellow clothes and even yellow curtains.



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