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    Default Guess who the baba is?

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    We bring forth the exclusive picture who Baba's look

    Well its really hard to guess who this person is in the disguise of Baba's look. Lets unfold the mystery, the Baba is none other than Meenakshi (Kanika Maheshwari) of Star Plus' Diya Aur Baati Hum.

    Kanika Maheshwari after winning millions of hearts with her notorious character in the show, will be seen in Baba's avtar for a reason.

    Lets find out the reason.

    As per our source, "We will soon see that Chhavi (Sehrish Ali) will go for a film with Dilip, but will tell Bhabo that she is going out for some important work. After watching the film, Chavi and Dilip will go to the market to eat something. Coincidently, Meenakshi and Vikram (Karan Goddwani) will also go to the market and there they will spot Chhavi enjoying with Dilip. Vikram will be annoyed to see this and will decide to call Dilip. When Dilip will get a call from Vikram, he will lie saying that he is in office, this will annoy Vikram even more. Thus, Meenakshi and Vikram will decide to trick Chhavi so that she confesses all her lies."

    Adds our source,"Kanika will disguise herself as Mauni (who doesn't speak) Baba and Vikram will take Chhavi to mauni baba as per their plan. Vikram will tell Chhavi that this Baba is great and can free you from all your sins. He explains that all she has to do is write them on a piece of paper and give it to Baba to burn it, along with that paper her sins will also get burnt. Chhavi will write all her sins on a paper and give it to Baba. Meenakshi will hide that paper given by Chhavi and will burn some other paper. Later Meenakshi will give that paper to Bhabo (Neelu Vaghela) and reveal all the sins done by Chhavi"

    We tried calling Kanika Maheshwari, but she remained unavailable for the comment.

    What will Bhabo's reaction after she come across Chhavi's lies?

    To know more keep reading the space.



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