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    Default There is groupism in TV - Executive Producer Yogesh Jaiswal

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    Executive Producer (EP) of Star Plusí Diya Aur Baati Hum, Yogesh Jaiswal had come down to Mumbai with a goal to become a writer-director, but today he is an EP. However, he hasnít given up hope yet. He is confident that someday he will reach the goal he had come to achieve in the city.

    We spoke to this very man.


    Tell us about your journey in the industry?
    I am a graduate from Dehradun. Back home, I used to write plays and also direct them; so there was always this passion to get into the entertainment industry. Hence, during my studying days, I started collecting information about big shots in the industry so that I could show them my story concepts. And, that is exactly what I did on my four-day trip to Mumbai while I was still in college.

    Since I was coming down to meet a friend in Mumbai, I also carried my concepts in the hope that something might work for me. Once here, I met a couple of people but nothing worked out. Dejected, I went back home but after three years I came back and directed a short film that was produced by a friend of mine.

    How did you get into TV? ?
    (pauses) One needs to earn to stay in Mumbai. Hence, after a while I realised that I needed a permanent job and that short films were doing me no good. Fortunately, I joined Sphere Originsí Saat Phere as an assistant director (AD). As a result of that, I was also busy working on my short films while doing the show. But, once I realised that direction was time consuming, I became an EP. I did shows like Santaan, Mata Ki Chowki, Agle Janam Hame Bitiya Hi Kijo and Praitigya.

    I basically took up these serials to realize a bigger dream which was directing films and seeing my concepts on the big screen. But, I just couldnít move out of TV. It does not let you leave that easily.

    So are you still working towards your dream? ?
    Yes, I am, but nothing has materialised yet.

    You can also write concepts for TV. Why havenít you tried that yet? ?
    There is groupism in TV. Itís not like you approach a channel or a production house and theyíd accept your concept. In fact, even getting into writing is not easy here. But, I am sure someday things will change.

    What are the difficulties that you face as an EP? ?
    An EP is in trouble till the episode is not telecast and when it is; he has to start worrying about the next one. There are so many last-minute changes. Like there are times when the channel wants the episode to be re-shot and you do not have the artistes with you. In such a case, you either convince the channel or try getting your artistes back. You also see to it that the episodes reach the channel on time for if they do not, your producer will have to pay a hefty fine.

    Let me give you an example. Sometime ago, the entire team of went to Singapore and to go there we needed a seven to eight day episode bank and we just had four to five days in hand to shoot them. Therefore, we had to arrange the dates of the actors and also co-ordinate with the channel. Had this not materialized, we would have had to cancel the Singapore shoot.

    Does your tight schedule leave you with time to be with your family?
    (smiles) It does not, but I think my family knows this is how things work in the TV industry and they have adapted to it.



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