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    Default I feel content as an artist - Deepika Singh

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    When Deepika Singh auditioned for the character of Sandhya in Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum, little did she know of the amount of success she will gain from it.

    Actors generally switch to other genres in an attempt to essay stronger roles, but Shashi Sumeet Productions gave her an opportunity to experiment with two diverse roles, one as a household daughter-in-law and the other as a powerful police officer.

    A blessed Deepika stated, “I have been a theatre artist in my past. I am very happy with the response and love the fans have for me. I feel content as an artist.”

    Shedding some light on essaying two different shades to Sandhya, she elaborated, “I was scared and nervous earlier but of what I have learnt, an actor can never impress the audience if they themselves are not confident about the character.”

    “Playing a bahu is not very difficult. I used to Youtube and to learn the behavioral patterns of the character. But then a transformation into an IPS officer from a traditional daughter-in-law has been very challenging for me. It is both mentally and physically stressful, especially on the days I am ill and I have to perform physical activities. But I love it as if it is not challenging, life gets monotonous,” she added.


    Now that the beautiful Deepika is a married woman we asked her about her bonding with her beau and her role as a daughter-in-law in real life.

    Talking about cooking at home, she laughed as she said, “I do not cook at all. I used to occasionally cook at home before marriage but post my marriage I do enter the kitchen. Rohit (Raj) and I live in a joint family who support and encourage me a lot. “



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