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    Default "I always had fascination of doing a strong character" - Maninee Mihir Mishra

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    Maninee Mihir Mishra is all set for her new innings as an IPS officer in Star Plusís top ranked show Diya Aur Baati Hum.

    Maninee Mihir Mishra is excited to enter the Star Plus show, Diya Aur Bati where she'll be playing the character of an IPS officer. The actress talks about getting inspiration from her own mother and Kiran Bedi.
    Let's see what Maninee has to share about her character...

    Talking about her role, Maninee says, "I play an IPS officer who is looking after the academy where Sandhya will come for training. The look is like an alfa male who is a no nonsense kind of person and the interaction between Sandhya and me will be something to be watch out for."

    Maninee likes to do strong characters on-screen and grabbed the opportunity of portraying a character of an IPS officer as she says, "My mind is very clear so when I like something, I just take it and this happened with me when I was offered Diya Aur Bati Hum. I always had a fascination of doing a strong character. Also my mom is a bureaucrat officer so I do look up to her too."

    So does Maninee's mother give her useful tips? This is what Maninee says, "Yes, I did ask her since childhood I've observed her. There are few of my aunts who are IPS and IRS offers so I have spoken to them as well. When I started my career, my very first interview that I had taken was of Kiran Bedi. I admire her a lot, the body language and her attitude is superb. Apart from this the production house will help me as they had been doing research for more than a year on my character."

    She says that her family and her husband Mihir were quite happy to see her in the uniform, "Mihir was very happy and also said that I'll look great in uniform. My mom too was very ecstatic about this but more than anyone else my daughter Diya was very much excited about my character. Diya said that 'Mom you'll rock in the show. Nobody listens to you at home!' and she is right as even my dog doesn't listen to me but she said that not to worry as outsiders don't know about this. I'm glad and fortunate to get this role and I hope with this new track the country's number one show will grow even more."

    We wish Maninee all the very best for her character and her entry in the show.



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