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    Default Exercise at least three times a week: Anas Rashid

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    Anas Rashid, who has established himself as Sooraj in Star Plus’ hit show Diya Aur Baati Hum, is one man, who with his bindaas attitude, believes in living life king-size.

    The actor, who is also a chef when not acting, in a chat with us gives some interesting tips on maintaining good health for our Lifestyle section.

    Personal fitness mantra?

    My personal fitness mantra is to maintain peace of mind. Our body is controlled by the mind and to maintain good health, I firmly believe it is essential to have a strong mind. Since the last two and a half years I have not hit the gym but yet I pull of an athletic body. Also, one must know that what we eat is what we are.

    Personal diet mantra?

    I eat everything from gulab jamuns to rasgullas to pani puri and bhel puri. The only thing I make sure is that I
    consume them in limited proportion.

    Are you a foodie?

    Oh yes, I am a very big foodie.

    Exercise routine?

    I stay on the 16th floor of my building and I climb up the stairs to reach my house three times in a week.

    Are you a vegetarian or a non-veg?

    I have both the varieties.

    Favourite cuisine?

    I love typical Punjabi food.

    Favourite dish?

    I love eating aloo mutter methi cooked by my mother with some desi ghee. Though I am a non-vegetarian, my taste buds drool more over some of my
    favorite vegetarian food.

    A must on your breakfast table?

    Fruits of seven different colours are a must on my breakfast table.

    Sugar or sugar-free tea/coffee?

    Tea with two table spoons of sugar but I generally like to have coffee from Starbucks and prefer drinking café latte.

    Lunch generally consists of?

    My lunch has to be very colourful for it to tempt me. I eat chapati, vegetable, pickle, salad and curd with a dash of pure ghee.

    Dinner generally consists of?

    I have a very light dinner as it is important to eat something every three hours. So it is oats, chicken or eggs for my dinner.

    Dessert delights?

    Kheer is one of my best dishes. In fact, one will always find kheer at my place.

    My favourite drink (non-alcoholic)?

    I like drinking Thums Up and Limca.

    My favourite drink (alcoholic)?

    I hate alcoholic drinks and do not encourage its consumption.

    Most unusual dish I have tasted?

    Long time ago, I had a dish called Irani kimaya that cost me Rs. 15,000. And would you believe that I had just two spoons of it as it was very unusual
    to me.

    Experiment with food?

    Since I am a professional chef, I would pursue that as a career if not as an actor. In fact, I have my own restaurant in Punjab. So yes I do experiment with food.

    On the streets I love to have?

    I love eating gol gappe (pani puri) .

    Do you cook?


    Fitness tip?

    I would like to tell people that in the stressful and polluted surroundings that we live in, it is important to exercise in the form of yoga and cardio for 20 minutes at least three times a week.



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