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    Default I don't wear gold and diamond accessories for show off- Anas Rashid

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    Handsome and talented Anas Rashid, who essays the role of the main protagonist Suraj in Diya Aur Baati Hum on Star Plus, doesnít believe in show off and invests money in properties to make his future secured.

    In a candid chat with us, he shares her investment ideas.

    How important is money to you?
    For me, money is important for my endurance and for my basic needs as well.

    Are you an impulsive buyer?
    No, I am not. First, I asses how important it is for me and then I splurge.

    What are the investments you have made?
    Till now, I have invested money on properties. Recently, I have bought a house each in Punjab and Mumbai. I donít believe investing money in shares and gold. Till date, I donít wear gold and diamond accessories that are meant for show off sake.

    What has been your most expensive purchase till date?
    My house in Mumbai.

    Are you financially secured?
    No I donít think that I am financially secured. Right now, I am earning good enough but what if in future I donít work for two three years?

    Who handles your expenses?
    My manager and me.

    What was your first salary like?
    My first salary was when I passed out my SSC and joined my uncleís business in mechanics. My salary was Rs 300 per month then. I have taken up my own responsibility from when I was 15 years of age.

    How much money do you carry every day?
    I donít carry much cash along as I am very bad at handling cash. Moreover, my daily expenses are also not much. So I carry around Rs 4 to 5K every day.

    Any advice for wannabe investors?
    Donít put your hands everywhere and donít put extra burden on yourself. If possible, invest money in properties as itís even my investment mantra. Always respect money and donít spend it unnecessarily.



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