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    Default Diya Aur Baati Hum's Sandhya realizes her dream!

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    Finally a dream come true for Sandhya as she wins the Best Cadet Trophy and pursues her ambition in life by becoming an IPS officer.

    The journey of Diya Aur Bati Hum's protagonist, Sandhya (Deepika Singh) started with a dream which eventually led to an ambition and a promise that was made to her late parents to be fulfilled. Sandhya had almost given up on pursuing the prestigious IPS post her marriage to Sooraj but it was his love & support that brought in a ray of new hope and reignited the burning desire.

    As they say for gold to glow in pure glory, it must face the wrath of fire; Sandhya too had to surpass many challenging situations before she could bask in the beauty of her IPS win with the Best Cadet Trophy! Right from convincing her mother in law, Bhabho (Neelu Vaghela) for permissions to complete her studies at the night college to finally joining the training academy, it was a tough journey she chose for herself. However, with Sooraj by her side, Sandhya turned each challenge into an opportunity. She faced each 'battle' with the grit of a warrior who saw hits and misses but never lost focus of the goal!

    While Sandhya's battle was half won when she joined the academy, Bhabho kept a new challenge ahead of her - to win the best cadet trophy as that would ensure Sandhya's posting at Pushkar and keep her close to the family. This would further ensure that Sandhya continued performing her duties towards both her family & society. With eleven months of undergoing one of the most difficult trainings, Sandhya displayed strength and overcame all odds. The only obstacle that remained between the winning trophy and her was her shooting skills but eventually she conquered that final frontier' as well before being bestowed with the Best Cadet Trophy at the IPS ceremony.

    "If it wasn't for Soorajji's (Anas Rashid) love & support, I would never have seen this day. Whatever I am today is because he stood by me each time & showed immense faith in me. My family has also sacrificed great deal during this period and I will ensure I make it upto them now that I am back. I promise to honour the role and prove that I am worthy of it through the work that I do. I am extremely happy that I am finally living my parents' dream and returning to my family at Pushkar." said Sandhya played by Deepika Singh.

    While Sandhya has proved herself on the promise made to Bhabho but will she be able to do full justice towards her family and the nation i.e. play the dual role of a daughter-in-law and an IPS officer at Pushkar is something to watch out for!



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