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    Default Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st August 2011 Written Update

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    On road

    The episode starts with sandhya after taking the saari return with her mom , to the place where her father was waiting for them , sandhya ask her father if she’s late or not but he says that thy r on time n as thy r abt to leave that place, sandhya sees sum Govt. officials were eating banana n throwing the peels on road, she dnt like it n goes to them, the officer was about to sit in his car n sandhya stopped him n says that thy hv forget to take sumthing n take the peels from the ground which makes the officer feels ashamed n he takes it frm sandhya n apolizies to her n throws them in dustbin.

    On road outside sooraj’s house

    Sandhya goes to her parents n her mother ask her y she has done so n she shows them a board on which it was written to keep the city clean n she says that this country is just like our home m if we keep our home clean y cant the city n at the same time sooraj’s mother throws the peels of vegetables on the road n it falls on sooraj’s father n he ask her y has she done so n she in her rude tome says that she wanna clean the home n its her will whether to throw the peels on road or elsewhere, he shud have walk away from the corner, he says that if he would wake in the middle of the road , she will become widow but she says that its upto devi maa to protect her sindoor, she taunts him that he was roaming here n there but he says that its false he has gone to give the cards for printing but her health was not well so couldn’t do that, she knows that he was lying n leaves n he eats pan.

    Sandhya’s house

    Kanchan was preparing for gangore pooja n bhabhi cames n takes blessings, kanchan gives her saaree n ask abt sandhya n she says that she was fighting with saaree, as kanchan has asked her to waer saaree for puja, sandhya tries n tries but failed n finally come outside in suit n ask kanchan to not force her to wear it n thy giggles, all leave for temple.

    Sooraj’s house

    Sooraj’s sister want a new dress for sooraj’s wedding on the other side , his brother wanna call a music band but bhabho pour water on thr dreams n says that thr’s no enough money n ask the other bro for money but he makes sum excuse n bhabhi came the wedding cards n bhabho ask sister to call sooraj n thy too leaves for temple.

    In the Temple

    Sandhya n her family were doing puja n sooraj with his family came n stand behind them n sooraj was standing just behind sandhya n both were praying.
    Sandhya’s family leaves n after hat sooraj’s family, sum ladies stop bhabho n ask abt the well being but she answered rudely n told abt her new D-I-L n start apprecaiating her , sandhya was listening all this n mke fun of her n her bhabhi says wat if she get such M–I-L , n she launghs, sooraj passed beside her.

    Inside the temple, pooja starts bhabho gives card to panditji n he after putting tilak to it puts it to the idol n then sandhya came n stands with sooraj both r praying, panditji says that God bless the couple n then the God-Card n sooraj-sandhya was shown again n again with the title track in bg.

    Breeze starts blwing n Sandhya’s duppatta came on the mouth of sooraj n he removes it n sees sandhya .

    Both leaves together, down the stairs n again prays n goes in opposite direction.

    Sweet Shop

    A man came to give order of 80 kgs laddu , chotu denies but sooraj takes the order n that too giving him concession n after asking by chotu he says that never to take advantage of sum1′s problem n sgares his dream that she sees his wife doing seva of bhabho , waering sarree, sindoor n jhumkas n on the other side thy shows sandhya in the dress of police officer.

    Precap: Bhabho reads the card n burst out on bhabhi, on the other side sooraj n sandhya was abt to meet.



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