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    Default Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th June 2012 Written Episode

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    Sooraj says he cannot learn English or make it to the competition as he is not prepared etc.. Sandhya tells him that she wasn’t prepared though when she was trying Daal Baati Churma or Bhabo’s 15 days challenge.So she asks him to try but still Sooraj refuses to. Sandhya is upset.

    Sooraj tries to help her lifting lid of a tin but she refuses and opens on her own with bit difficulty. Meena-Bhabo watches this scene. Sooraj in his shop writes a letter keeping it in a box and asks Chotu to give her. Sandhya reads the apology letter and replies thinking Sooraj will agree to participate this time.

    Chotu clashes Meena who was stealing ladoos from Kitchen and then box falls. Bhabo scolds. Chotu by mistake blabbers that Sooraj sent letter for Sandy and Meena reads the lines which mentioned Sandy’s replies like she will be happy if he participates for her sake at least, and she is asking something for the first time.

    Bhabo is angry for Meena pins her even more. She goes to Sandy room and taunts her to leave Sooraj alone. Asks not to force him to take part in Pratiyogita. They are happy here with this life etc.. Sandy asks if Bhabo is not confident that Sooraj can do this. Bhabo doesn’t respond for which Sandy says Bhabo believes in his success hence she has to support him. Sooraj will get enthusiasm form her and listen to her alone.

    Bhabo refuses and goes. Sandy asks Bhabasa to help her in manofying Bhabo in any way so that she agrees to send Sooraj to Singapore. He agrees to help her. Some lady comes Rathi house saying Meena sister proposal has come for her son. Hence she has come to know about Meena and they can calculate how her sister will be respect to working, character etc.. Bhabo recalls the incident Sandy explaining about Meena and her sister related to the police complaint.

    Sandy says to Bhabasa she has made everything ready. Bhabasa asks what next to do..



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