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    Default Deepika Singh's slam book!

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    We brings to you the Sunday Celebrity slam book section with Deepika Singh!

    Deepika Singh, who is currently playing the character of Sandhya in Star Plus' popular show Diya Aur Baati Hum, spared time to answer our slam book questions…



    Sun Sign:Leo.


    Describe yourself:I am a very challenging and dynamic person. I have a good sense of humor and can mingle with everyone easily. I also ensure to keep a distance from people whom I sense are not good company. I am a disciplined girl and very focused on my career. I know what to do and try to give my 100% in my work. I have always found happiness in the work I do. I am very straight forward and a family oriented person. I love my family a lot and I always take decisions keeping my family in mind.

    Strength:My honesty and dedication towards the work I do.

    Weakness:I am a very straight forward person. Most of the times, I think from my heart. I believe that in today's time you need to be diplomatic to be successful.
    I try to be diplomatic but I can't so I think it is my weakness. I am just like Sandhya, who never gets scared of anyone.

    What can easily impress you:Nothing can easily impress me.

    You're crazy about:My work.

    Hobbies:Traveling and shopping.

    A cloud 9 moment for you:Actually, there are many. The biggest one was when I got the role in Diya Aur Baati Hum, then when I met Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan. It will also be when I be meet Salman Khan. I am a very big fan of him and I think I am going to have a sleepless night the day before (laughs). Another big cloud 9 moment for me was when I got my first Best Bahu Award in Star Parivar Awards.

    Do you believe in destiny:Yes, I have a hard core belief in destiny but at the same time, I also believe in hard work without which, destiny can't work. Also, I believe that hard work also can't work without destiny. Both work simultaneously.

    Songs you're humming these days:Saansfrom Jab Tak Hai Jaan and sometimes I also hum Fevicolfrom Dabang 2 if I am in a very good mood (laughs).

    Any TV show you follow:Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and Veera.

    An unforgettable day of your life:When I came to Mumbai, I was unknown to the city and the people. I was staying with one of my friends. I was about to be shortlisted for the role and I had become really close to all my other friends. After sensing this, she asked me to leave the house at night itself. I spend the entire night outside in the balcony and I arranged for a PG the next day. This is surely an unforgettable day of my life.

    Describe your daily routine in short:I wake up at 7 in the morning. I get ready, pray to God and leave from at 8 am. I reach the set in 15 minutes and shoot until 9 pm. After pack up, I go to the gym, eat dinner, watch Diya Aur Baati Hum and some other shows and go to bed by 1-2 am.

    What's your favorite pass time during free time on the sets:I love watching movies on my laptop, sometimes I surf the net, use Facebook, read the comments given by my fans. I also like sitting with Bhabo (Neelu Vaghela), Bhabasa (Ashok Lokhande) and my co-actors on the sets and have fun with them.

    Favorite hangout places in Mumbai:Bandra, Infiniti Malad, Inorbit, and Juhu Beach.

    Craziest fan encounter so far:There are so many. I remember a girl came to meet me with her brother when I was doing the Sita act for the Star Parivar Event. She actually reached the set after encountering many troublesome moments. The security wouldn't allow her to enter. However she shouted from a far away distance, "I am a big fan of yours, please click a picture with me". I was actually in a hurry for the shoot, so I quickly went and got a picture clicked with her.
    To my surprise, I get to know that she had actually borrowed money from someone else to come and meet me. I really felt bad that I couldn't spend enough time with her. Felt a little better since I was able to make time to get a picture clicked with her.

    The best compliment ever received:Many people compare me with Sri Devi. It feels good when I get to hear this from them.

    Your inspiration:I get inspired from people and things around me and I try to learn something with all of them. Aamir Khan's Satyamev Jayte also inspired me, I get inspiration from my dad as well as Sadhya, the character I play on screen.

    You're incomplete without:Praying to God and meditating.

    Message to your fans: I am here because of God's grace and the love and support of my fans. My success is because of them. I am working hard and have left the rest is in the hands of God and my fans. If you wish to see me excelling then keep loving me. I love my fans a lot.



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