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    Default Deepika Singh on her birthday today!

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    We in talks with Deepika Singh on her birthday today....

    Birthday is special and this holds true for both young and old. It is the day which makes you walk down the memory lane of your childhood. So we got in touch with the very well known Deepika Singh a.k.a Sandhya of the number one show Diya Aur Baati Hum, to share her birthday experience...

    It is your birthday today, so how are you feeling?

    I am feeling very amazing. My sister, friends and relatives have given me a great surprise, I was overwhelmed. I enjoyed a lot last night, nothing can be more asked when you have your near and dear ones all around and the most needed God's blessing. So also I am very thankful to all my fans for their lovely wishes. I am what I am today because of my fans love.

    What is a perfect birthday according to you?

    The birthday which I had last night was a perfect birthday according to me, Spending your time with your family and friends and seek god blessing and now my dear fan's love.

    Your most memorable birthday till date?

    The one that I had last night.

    The birthday you were waiting for?

    Not as in such any but I was excited for my sweet sixteen birthday.

    The birthday gift that you will never forget?

    Not the gift actually but the surprise which my family and friends gave me this birthday.

    How do you wish to celebrate your birthday today?

    Well I have already celebrated my birthday last night but today I will celebrate it with my entire cast and crew in the evening during my shoot.



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