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    Default Craziest rumor I have heard about myself: Anas Rashid

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    We brings to you the ‘Wednesday Column’ on Actor’s reactions towards the craziest rumors they have ever heard about themselves.

    Our Tellywood celebrities have to face different kinds of rumors every single day. Our Wednesday column is dedicated to all those celebrities who have faced some bizarre rumors. This week we have Anas Rashid aka Sooraj of Diya Aur Baati Hum with us. Here's Anas sharing his reaction towards the craziest rumor he had heard about himself.

    Anas shares: "There are lots of rumors that I have heard about myself like I don't belong to Punjab and I'm actually from abroad. Following a scene from my show, a newspaper once published that Anas met with an accident and he is no more (laughs). But the craziest rumor I have ever heard about myself is that I was once dating 3 girls at a time and they were all siblings. I had a very good laugh after I came to know this rumor and took it lightly."

    Anas further added- "Celebrities should always be prepared to face such rumors. Just be brave and face what comes before you. Rumors fill society. Just do your work honestly. I always laugh, whenever I think about these rumors."



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