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    Default I cherish every moment with my family and husband: Deepika Singh

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    The gorgeous looking Deepika Singh had a fairytale wedding on 2 May 2014 where she tied the knot with boyfriend and the director of her show Diya Aur Baati Hum, Rohit Raj Goyal. She completed exactly a month of conjugal yesterday. In a heartwarming chat with us, Deepika speaks about life post marriage. Excerpts:

    Introduce us to your new family.

    I am lucky to be living in a joint family even post my marriage. My husband’s parents and his younger brother are my new family now.

    Do you have the feeling of being re-born like most of the newlyweds?

    I am just the way I was (smiles). It’s just that I am happier today and I cherish every moment with my family and husband. Most importantly I don’t have to worry about people spotting me with my director husband in public places anymore. After all, we are married now! I can watch movies, shop and even dine with him publicly.

    We’ve heard stories of monster mom-in-laws even in fairytales, but yours we hear is very supportive?

    She is one of the most supportive persons in my family. We usually wear the chudas (wedding bangles) for a year and a half from the day of our wedding. Since I had to join work soon, my mother-in-law allowed me to keep them inside in just a day and a half. She does not even insist or demand of me to wear traditional clothes or put sindoor, for she knows that I am playing an IPS officer in the show at the moment. For the ones unaware, Sandhya hasn’t been applying sindoor for a while so I can’t cheat my character. However, she does expect me to be around her for little conversations at times, and I make it a point to be there emotionally whenever time permits. In fact, I’d also like to mention that none of this would have been possible without her love and support.

    Is it different between you and Rohit at work now?

    When on sets he is my teacher and he has been that from day one. I still greet him as ‘Sir’. I think most of the work is done by my costume, for the minute I slip into Sandhya’s attire I am no more Deepika. Even if someone addresses me as Deepika on sets it takes a while for me to realize that they are referring to me. Moreover I’ve been associated with this role for three years now. So the professionalism between me and my husband comes naturally. In fact, he is a very strict director.

    What about the ‘dabbas’ (tiffin boxes) from home?

    (Laughs) Well, they too come separately. I still have my food with the artists and he eats with his unit. Even in my free time I never go and sit next to him. As usual I go to my make-up room.

    How different is Deepika from Sandhya when it comes to being a bahu (daughter-in-law)?

    Sandhya’s priority is her family. She knows her house and family in and out whereas I don’t even know where the glasses in my kitchen are. My priority is my profession, not that I love my family any lesser but then I am shooting 13 to 14 hours a day.

    Has the attitude of your co-stars changed towards you, for you are now married to the director of the show?

    In my current IPS track I haven’t had the opportunity to shoot with many of my co-stars but I did shoot for a romantic scene with Sooraj (Anas Rashid) a few days ago and he seemed the same.

    Now that you’ve spoken about romantic scenes does it get awkward with your husband around?

    If I behave awkwardly I’d definitely get a slap from him. He is a liberal man and so am I. Moreover we understand and respect our professions. In fact, he always says ‘kaam par dhyaan do’ (concentrate on work) which means I can’t really act weird, no matter which scene it is.



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