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    Default "My cast and crew keep pulling my cheeks" : Aryan Sharma

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    We in conversation with the naughty Chotu aka Aryan of Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum…

    Aryan Sharma, who plays Chotu in Star Plus' popular show Diya Aur Baati Hum is 11 years old and studies in Std. 6th. This wonder kid has made a place for himself in the hearts of the viewers by engagingly play the character of Chotu. We tries to quiz Aryan to know more about his acting career and real life.

    How did you get into acting?
    I like acting and so does my mom. She contacted a few people and this is how acting happened to me. My first show was Ladies Special.

    Are you in any way like Chotu?
    Yeah I am quite like Chotu. I am naughty like him and love to watch too many movies like he does.

    Who is your favorite actor?
    Amitabh Bachchan is my favorite actor.

    How do you manage your shoots and studies?
    Normally my call time is kept after my school hours. I study on the sets if my scenes are not going on and if I have my scenes, then shoot during that time. When my exams are going on, then I don't shoot at that time.

    What are your hobbies?
    My hobbies are playing cricket, eating as I am a big foodie, and gaming. I love to play fighting games.

    With whom do you bond the best with on the sets?
    I bond the best with Suraj (Anas Rashid).

    What do you do in your leisure time on the sets?
    Most of the time, I share the screen space with him. In fact, our chemistry is liked by people. We have a lot of fun together during our free time. During the lunch break, we all sit together, eat, share our food and crack jokes. This is how we enjoy our leisure time.

    The best compliment ever received?
    People compliment me for my acting. A lot of them like what I do. However, the best compliment I've ever received was when I was acting in Ladies Special and for the first time somebody complimented me saying, "You have done a great job."

    Do people compliment you for your chubby looks?
    Yes! My cast and crew always keep pulling my cheeks and say, "He is so cute, he is so chubby.

    Have you ever played a prank on someone on the sets?
    Not yet but I enjoy playing a lot of pranks in my school.

    Which is your favorite TV show?
    My favorite TV show will always be Diya Aur Baati Hum (laughs). I also love watching some of cartoon shows like Roll No. 21, Tom and Jerry, Oggy and the Cockroaches and few more.

    Which is your favorite sweet?
    My favorite sweet is rasgulla.

    How many rasgullas can you have in 1 minute?
    I can have 6-7 rasgullas in a minute.

    Do you have a nickname on the sets?
    They all call me Chotu only. No one calls me Aryan; all the time, they call me as Chotu only. My mom calls me with different names like Kuchie Pie and Chicka mouse (laughs).

    Which is your favorite subject?
    My favorite subject is History. People hate it but I love it just because of my teacher. My History teacher teaches so well that I have started loving this subject.

    What's your aim in life?
    My aim in life is to become an actor. I also have a craze for fighter planes. So I would also like to become a pilot of fighter planes.



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