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    Default I do take care of my limits as an actor: Anas Rashid

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    Anas Rashid breaks his silence on the issue which happened with his co-star Deepika Singh on sets...

    Popular actors Anas Rashid and Deepika Singh who have won millions of hearts by portraying a lovely couple Suraj-Sandhya on-screen on Star Plus' popular show Diya Aur Baati Hum, have been making the headlines in the media from quite some days.

    Deepika slapped Anas on the sets putting allegations of molestation upon him. The issue later went to CINTAA (Cine & TV Artistes Association) and now all is well between the two. We spoke to Anas to know about the incident that happened, his rapport with Deepika and much more...

    Tell us about the incident and the allegations on you.

    It was an unexpected incident that happened between me and my co-actor (Deepika Singh) where the very next day she realized and blamed that I misbehaved with her while doing a scene. She ended up slapping me on the fourth day which I was totally unaware of. It happened all of a sudden and within few minutes we resumed shooting.

    What kind of rapport you have been sharing with Deepika off-screen? There have been reports in media that you two are not in good terms with each other...

    My rapport with Deepika off-screen has always been very professional. We treat each other as co-actors.

    Do you think that this incident would affect your career further?

    Not at all. I believe that I take my career very seriously and I will follow all the requirements with sincerity. Even while shooting for that scene, I was doing my work and the requirement of the scene was a part of profession.

    Do you feel that its a publicity stunt?

    I don't think so because our publicity depends only on the success of our show. I don't think that anyone of us wants this kind of publicity.

    Now, Deepika has apologized to you. Any comments?

    I never asked for any apology from Deepika. What I expect from her is to be professional with me on the sets.

    Are you feeling comfortable working with her now?

    There have never been any issue working with her for the last three and half years as I do take care of my limits as an actor.

    What was the complaint that you filed in CINTAA and are you satisfied with the verdict?

    Yes, I am happily satisfied with the verdict given by CINTAA. I asked for my safety and security so that it may not happen in future by any co-artist.

    What was the action taken by CINTAA in this matter?

    CINTAA did a very good justice. They called both of us and they narrated my complaint to her and she agreed. They said that the show will go on which was already in my mind that nothing should affect our show.

    What was the reaction of your co-stars when this incident happened back then and how is the atmosphere on the sets now?

    They all were neutral and supportive for the fact that the show must go on and I was also expecting the same from them. Truly things are normal and on track now.

    What's your view about the dignity of a woman?

    A dignity of a woman is the reflection of her persona which I believe is her belief towards her own identity.

    How do you feel when you hear something about humiliation or molestation of a woman?

    Whenever I hear these two words, they shaken me up. For me, it is a matter of sadness and shame for the society and I always stand against it.

    Message to your fans?

    I would like to thank all my fans for showing their faith and support in me during every ups and downs. I know that they are sensible fans and have been following me since long. They know me thoroughly and I don't need to give any explanation to them. I would like to say thanks to all of them. I love you all.



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