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    Default Bhabo breaks the first matka; rat attack in Suraj's shop!

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    The upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum to witness a lot of twists and turn…

    A lot of tension to knock the doors of the Rathi family in Shashi Sumeet Mittal's Diya Aur Baathi Hum. The viewers will get to see a lot of drama happening in the house after Bhabo's angry outburst on Sandhya (Deepika Singh).

    According to the ongoing episodes of the show, we are seeing that how Chavi (Sehrish Ali) is taking a wrong path to excel in her exams and Sandhya is opposing her. All this ongoing drama will lead towards a bigger drama, due to which Bhabo (Neelu Vaghela) breaking one Matka out of the three.

    Our source says, "In the upcoming tracks of the show, the viewers will get to see that in an attempt to cheat from Sandhya's answer sheets in the exams, Chavi gets caught and lies to her family after coming back home. Chavi tells her family that Sandhya purposely gave her the answer sheets to copy to which Sandhya denies. Seeing all this, Bhabo gets really angry and breaks the first matka and warns her that if 3 matkas break before Sandhya's birthday, then she has to forget her dream and if they don't break only then will she be allowed to pursue her dream. Knowing that Sandhya is innocent and upset, Suraj tells her to prove this in front of all."

    Further our source also tells us that, "Suraj's shop will soon be attacked by rats when some family members go to the shop at night and come out leaving the shutter a little open. Eventually, the shop will lose a good amount of sweets as they will get eaten by the rats. The shop will have to be closed for two days."

    When contacted Neelu Vaghela aka Bhabo, she said, "Bhabo has clearly told Sandhya to always follow the instructions given by her but this couldn't happen and getting angry on her Bhabho breaks the first matka."

    It will be interesting for the viewers to watch as to how this drama unfolds in the upcoming episodes of Diya Aur Baati Hum.



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