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    Default Bhabho to accept Sandhya as her bahu in Star Plus' Diya Aur Baati Hum

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    Earlier, we had reported about Sandhya (Deepika Singh) and Sooraj (Anas Rashid) returning home on the festive occasion of Dushera. And now in the coming episode of Diya Aur Baati Hum, the family will get together forgetting their past differences.

    With the couple’s clothes missing from their new house, they will head towards their family house where Bhabho (Neelu Vaghela) will greet them nicely and also give them new clothes to wear.

    A source informs us, “When Sandhya and Sooraj go to their room, they will find all their missing clothes in the drawer and will be surprised by this. Bhabho will also behave quite normally with them.”

    As the couple will decide to leave the house in the evening, Bhabho will stop them shocking the entire family. She will apologise to Sandhya and request both Sandhya and Sooraj to stay back and live together as family once more. She will inform the family that she is whole heartedly accepting Sandhya as her bahu this time.

    “Bhabho will also permit Sandhya to pursue her IPS dream on the condition that she will always put her family first to which Sandhya will happily agree,” adds the source.

    As Sandhya goes to give her exams the next day, the police will come home to inform Bhabho that the group of thieves who had conned her has been arrested and she will get her money back. Impressed, Bhabho’s mindset towards the police will also change. She will start respecting and admiring the police force.

    Adds Neelu, “It’s going to be a great dramatic turn. Keep watching the show.”

    Let’s see where this new drama will lead us towards.

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