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    We brings to you the Sunday Celebrity slam book section with Anas Rashid

    Anas Rashid is currently portraying the role of Suraj in Star Plus's popular tv show Diya Aur Baati Hum and he spared time to answer our slam book questions...

    Birthday: 31st August.

    Nick name: I don't have any nick name.

    Sun Sign: Virgo.

    Hometown: MalerKotla, Punjab.

    Describe Yourself: I am caring and lovable guy. I do nothing without logic. I hate false people and I love honest people.

    You are crazy for: My work and creativity.

    Your strength and weakness: My family is my strength and my weakness too.

    What can easily impress you: Good speech.

    The moment of your life when you were on cloud 9: When I won the Star Parivar Awards this year for 'Nayi Soch Ka Kirdar'.

    Do you believe in destiny: Ya I believe in destiny but effort and hard work are also needed.

    Song you are humming these days: Tum ho paas mere from Rockstar.

    Any tv show you follow: Satyamev Jayate.

    Any unforgettable day of your life: It was the day, when I got admission in Chandigarh. It was the first time when I had taken a step against my family. My cousins were studying at the colleges in their hometown and my family wished me also to study there only. But I went to Chandigarh and that's why I am in Mumbai today.

    Describe your daily routine in short: I get up at around 8 then I shuffle through the newspapers. I get ready to go to my sets in hurry and I go for my shoot. After coming back to my home, I watch my show, I watch news, then I talk to my mom and my other family members. I do some work on my laptop and then I go to sleep by around 1 or 1:30. I keep my cellphone on silent mode after 11 so that I can give 2 hrs. of time only to myself.

    Your favorite pastime when you are free on the sets: I love to write during that time and I am learning Spanish these days so I read things related to that during the time.

    Genie is asking 3 wishes from you; Make them:
    1. Good health for my family.
    2. Second wish will be for my work. I want to represent myself globally as an actor, director, or any field.
    3. I want to travel a lot because I want to meet new people and live new experiences because the more I will travel, the more I will become creative.

    The best compliment ever received: My nature suits my personality.

    Your inspiration: My family; especially my mom.

    You are incomplete without: My self esteem. I am what I am because of my self esteem. Anas is nothing without his self esteem.

    Message to your fans: You should discover more. Do whatever you like to do and work for what you deserve. Never go backward in life. You must go on towards achieving your goals.



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