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    Default For Anas is all about "time management"

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    If you’re a television actor and if your show airs not five but six days a week, you will definitely complain of having no personal life at all.

    We have come across many such actors who find it hard to have time for themselves after their shoot. But Anas Rashid, who is currently seen in Diya Aur Baati Hum (Shashi Sumeet Mittal Productions Pvt Ltd) playing the role of Suraj, does not belong to this breed of actors, as he has no complains with his work timings. On the other hand, he says that he has enough time for his personal life despite of the show going six days a week.

    Ask him how he manages to do everything, to which he replies, “Maybe, the thing that others complete in an hour takes me just 10 minutes (laughs).” Explaining his daily schedule he says, “Like any other actor, I too shoot for 12 hours a day excluding my travel time. But, then I have set the rest of the time for my personal life. My family and friends know exactly when I am available. So, there are no complaints from anybody.”

    How does he keep in touch with those who call him on his cell? “I never carry my phone on the sets but I do answer all the calls when I have a break. So, I handle things that way,” observes Anas.

    Furthermore, he goes on to give an example, “There are different kinds of shopkeepers. There are few who open their shop at 8 am and close down at 8 pm, while, there are others who open at 5 pm and shut at 8 pm. There are also few who keep it open for 24 hours. But, the ones who open at 5 pm know exactly how many people will come to their store in that much time and so do the people around them. So they too earn just like the ones who keep their shops open for 12 hours. I too have set a time for my people and that helps me sort a lot of things in life.”

    Talking about the actors who complain about lack of time, he remarks, “There are actors who complain about time when they are doing one daily soap. And then when they bag a reality show, they don’t only continue with that daily soap but also do the reality and attend its rehearsals. So you see, they manage to do everything in the same amount of time. Hence, it simply depends on you whether you want to have a personal life or not.”

    Lastly he remarks, “One must learn things from nature. Sun rises on time and sets on time.”

    Well said Anas, we just hope the others in this glamour world too learn some time management like you!



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