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    Default Anas and Deepika are brilliant actors and I see a lot of potential in them to make it big...........

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    Renowned and famous Ashok Lokhande has created a niche for himself with his acting capabilities that is second to none. Featuring in films and television shows such as Chanakya, Mrignayanee, Khamoshi: The Musical, Just Mohabbat, Saans, Sarfarosh and Son Pari, he has been known for his distinctive approach in doing justice to his characters.

    Currently seen in Shashi Sumeet Productions’ Diya Aur Baati Hum on Star Plus, the talented man speaks to us about his experience in the industry all these years.

    Ashok states, “I got an opportunity to study theatre from the National School of Drama in Delhi for 3 years which helped me boost my career. I have had a good experience so far and my career has been very smooth. Indian television industry has undergone a drastic change in the last few years. Today, television industry has reached new heights because of the fact that it is offering opportunities to talented actors.”

    Talking about his show Diya Aur Baati, he talks about how proud he is to be associated with shows which give out social messages to people than being merely a piece of fiction and entertainment. He expresses, “Earlier people were more creative and focused on the content. The industry glamorized later and then there was a flow of various experiments in producing unique shows. What matters to me is not the character but the dialogue the character holds. The character may be very strong but what is the use if the character does not have good content to deliver. All the characters I have essayed are crisp and strong. Even when I was approached for Diya Aur Baati Hum, Sumeet told me of how the idea of approaching me came about. He claimed to have seen my performances in the shows I delivered in the past and he loved the way I can blend various emotions. I am well appreciated for my style of working. It may come across as boasting to some, but I am glad people love me so much and have helped me reach a stage where I can explore the inner actor in me.”

    Ashok also talks of how he is happy-go-lucky in nature, quite similar to his character on the show. “My idea of connecting with the character is on a very personal level. I connect my character by linking it to situations in my life and add my ideas and shades of personality to it.”

    Talking about his co-actors, he claims that he can vouch for them doing very well in their careers. “Both Deepika and Anas know how to establish connect with the audience and are sensitive beings. They are brilliant actors and I see a lot of potential in them to make it big in the industry.”

    Well said, Ashok!!!



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