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    Default 5 Reasons why Sooraj of Diya Aur Baati Hum is the PERFECT man

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    Itís truly said that nobody is ever born perfect, but there is one man on TV who definitely stands close to this word.

    Well, itís none other than Sooraj of Star Plusí Diya Aur Baati Hum (Shashi Sumeet Productions Pvt Ltd).

    Sooraj as we all know has been working hard to take care of his family and post marriage, he made his wife live her dreams, even if it meant going against his own family.

    We lays down 5 reasons why we feel that Sooraj is the PERFECT man. Hear have a look:

    ĎResponsibilityí is his middle name

    When it comes to responsibility of his family, the man is surely a Superman without a cape. From an early age, Sooraj took to himself to start up his halwai shop to fend for his family. The adarsh son also proved to be the perfect brother and made sure he helped them grow in life, keeping himself at the back front.

    Better half of his wife

    He got married to an over educated girl. A normal Indian man could have got offended, but here was Sooraj trying his level best to make his wifeís dream come true. The modest guy fought the world and today proudly flaunts that his wife is an IPS officer, and he on the other hand handles his sweet shop and bringing up their son.

    My daddy strongest

    Well every dad makes all efforts to fulfil his childís dream, but Sooraj is surely one father who at a stage in life when he was all secure, has chosen to give it away to make his son proud of himself. Leaving aside his sweet shop, now Sooraj is on a mission to build a hotel on his name which would make his son walk with his head high among his rich peers.

    Business ka perfect fundas

    Well this man surely knows how to run a good business. Started at such a young age, Sooraj has successfully made his business the number one in Pushkar. He is the man who believes that Ďqualityí is the only way to succeed in business and we salute Sooraj for his honest endeavours.

    Pride to the nation

    Sooraj is the only chef to have won an international cooking competition. The man who has been churning out yummilicious mithais, for the first time experimented with different delicacies and mastered that too. He is the only Indian cook to have won an international laurel and we are proud of him.

    Well donít you all agree that Sooraj indeed is the Ďperfect maní?

    In case you feel we missed on some point feel free to add some right now in the comment box below.



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