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    Default 10 unknown interesting facts about Anas Rashid

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    Televisionís favourite, Anas Rashid gained immense fame and popularity essaying the character of Prithviraj Chauhan in the serial Dharti Ka Veer Yodha - Prithviraj Chauhan and continues to spread his charm essaying Sooraj Rathi in the mega hit show, Diya Aur Baati Hum (Star Plus). We are sure readers would want to know more about their favourite actor. Listed below are the top 10 interesting facts of Anas Rashid.

    Anas Rashidís favourite colours are yellow and white.

    The handsome actor is a big foodie. His favourite cuisines are Mughlai and Punjabi food.

    Wonder how the he manages to stay lean, fit and muscular? Anas lives on the 16th floor of his building and he makes sure not to use the lift at all. He climbs up and down the stairs more than three times in a week to burn calories.

    To add on, the actor makes sure he consumes lot of fruits. Anas eats seven fruits of different colours for his breakfast.

    The actor generally shops from Bandra as he finds a good collection there.

    There is one thing which people will always find at Anasís home. Wondering what? Yummy kheer!

    Anas never had dreams of venturing into television, but when he won the Mr Punjab contest in 2003, he decided to try his luck into acting. He is now an established and one of the most loved actors on television today.

    It would be surprising to know that the charming actor had been jailed for two nights during his college days. It so happened that the actor along with his friends returned from a movie late at night. The cops who spotted them thought they were goons and put them behind bars.

    Anas owns a fast food restaurant in Punjab which serves exotic Indian dishes.

    Anas claims he would never marry an actress as his family would never permit him to do so. He hails from a traditional family where women are clad in burqa and there is no way that an actress would be accepted in his family.

    Well, this was our list. Did we miss anything? Feel free to share more facts about Anas or any of your favourite stars with us!



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