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    Five tons of boundless strength and wary intelligence, it can toss tree trunks in anger or pick up a five cent piece in curiosity. Our largest land animal - the Elephant - is profiled in this master reference to the world’s greatest living creatures. This majestic animal has few natural enemies, but a beast of such extraordinary size needs some extraordinary features to deal with gravity, the searing rays of the sun, and a king-size appetite. The "Ultimate Guide" shows you how the elephant uses the ultimate nose, its trunk, and other body parts in its quest to stay upright, stay cool, and find a square meal. You'll also see evidence that this intelligent giant may have feelings, and even a sense of humour. Using cutting edge computer animation, journey into the past of the Elephant’s family tree, discover nature’s successes and failures, witness intimate wildlife behaviour and see startling comparison’s of size and speed. Narrated by Will Lyman.



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