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    Default Always think good and good will happen to you: Sara Arfeen Khan

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    Sexy and sizzling beauty Sara Arfeen Khan is ruling television with her three shows, Bindass’ Zindagi Wins, &TV’s Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls and Epic TV’s Kahiii Suni. She is surely enthralling audiences with her charming personality, both off and on screen. We caught up with Sara recently and spoke to her on her role in Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls.

    .Sara averred, “I am playing Anjini, the eldest of all the sisters in the Thakur house; she is married and stays with her husband Anant who is a rich businessman. Anjini is the prettiest of all and a perfectionist at heart. She is a fashionista and takes time in assorting her look, be it even for just a dinner with family. Brands are her best friends, and she never buys anything that is not branded. Anjini has almost everything in her world that completes her, except one that is kids.”

    How do you juggle between three shows? She quipped, “I am doing three shows. Every character which I am portraying is very different from the other. I have already shot twenty-six episodes for the travel show (Kahiii Suni) and the dubbing is still on. The best thing about Dilli Wali and Zindagi Wins is that the production house is the same (Cinevistass); so it is up to them to manage dates. I have to work extra hours, but I love it. I don’t want to stay idle and free.”

    As you are the eldest sister in the show, how do you inspire your sisters? “Off screen I tell them to not change for others. However may be the world, you always need to be calm and composed. Always think good and good will happen to you. Onscreen I guide them with their clothing, style and fashion sense,” said the pretty actress.

    As there are only sisters in the show, do you miss having a brother? She shared, “The youngest one Eshwari is there, she is a tomboy so she completes the gap of a brother in our lives.”

    Who is your role model? “Lady Diana is my role model and the day she was gone, it was the worst day of my life. Everything about her was real and I loved that,” ended Sara.

    Wish you luck, Sara!



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