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    Default RAHULL Is Coming Back!!

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    omggggg todays epi was sooo gudddddd!!!! omg reli loved it!!
    finally after so many days of rhona dhona it was a fresh episode!!! that was ssooooo cute of everyone when they were singing for ridz!! i was shocked when kirti also began to sing!! .......i reli had tears i'm my eyes out of hapines!!

    OMGGGGGGGGG RAHUL had called muskaan!!!!! that was so shockinggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!! i didn't had a clue of thats hapening today!! RM fans!! ur gonne be reli happy now....megs tumhari dua kaam kargayi lolzzz........muskaan felt that it was rahul soo sweet!!! now i kinda sure that he'll come back!! wooho .......god still can't believe it

    loool i was scared yesterday by seeing the precap but it wasn't how it looked!! loolz armaan was bit funni!! so was shanky......he's impressed by armaan but still not convinced ......but he will soon!!

    the valentines party was so funni!! muski looked nice as shanti priya!! n atul was reli funni as raaj of rnbj heehe he's such a joker!! so is shubankar!! hehe......aaww kirti was looking reli niceeeeeee......dhruv is reli a cutiepie!!! looooool navita and dhruv!!! soo CUTEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! his smile was sooo sweet when he saw her coming hehe!!! future AR hehe........Seyorita badi badi parties me esi choti choti cheez hoti rehti hai!! lool he soo cute!!!!

    i got to say ridz and anji were looking gud!! when i saw ridz in red first thing in my mind came was the salsa dance of AR.....shilpa was also dressed in red!! but sukku did also looked georgious......finally she used her real hear and i fink it suits a lot on her.....she looked beautifull! first time in dmg sukku with her real hear!! omggggggggggggggg i almost fainted when i saw armaaaaan!!! he was looking damn HOOOOTT!!! hayee wo aankein wo smilee!!!!!! lutliya tune mujhe armaan!! lolzz..

    i kneeeeeeww that they gonne do the salsa dance!! well also have a salsa dance scene now on kasu!!

    i'm soooo happy with todays epi! i hope they show more of rahul tomorow and can't wait till the salsa of kasu!!

    i got to share todays epi with u all guys.....i hope u all gonne be as happy as i am!! .......please do comment if u liked the epi

    i hope i didnt bored u all....

    luvya all

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    i hate this serial lol

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    o.O♥Why Cant U See U Belong Wid Me♥O.o
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    whoz rahull
    i hate this show too

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    thanks for sharing dear

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    ur welcome
    i really like it

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    this show is borin

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    no one likes it



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