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    Thumbs up Dil Mil Gaye 8th Jan written update

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    [DOWN]Episode starts with Sid-Riddhima arguing with each another. In the end Riddhima leaves and Atul goes behind her. JP, Jiggy, Naina and Sd are waling out of ward. JP and Jiggy says how nicely he shut her up and she was behaving as if Sanjeevni belongs to her father when Yuvi replies it does and says she is Dr.Riddhima Gupta. Sid asks if he is sure to which he says he is. Sid says so what he is also Dr.Abhimayu Modi's brother.

    Riddhima is complaining to Shashank abour Sid while on other side Sid is complaining to Abhi about Riddhima. He is not able to tell Abhi Riddhima's name. There is an emotional talk between Shashank-Riddhima.

    In Abhi cabin, Nikki comes there and tells Abhi that good date for getting engaged is tomorrow or after 3 months. Abhi says good now Riddhima will have stay back for 3 months. Sid who is hearing this says the engagement will happen tomorrow. Riddhima walks in and Abhi introduces her to Sid. He also informs her about the engagement and ask Sid-Riddhima to work together for the fuction.

    At locker room, Sid invites everyone for the function. Yuvi walks in and he invites him as well. Sid says he doesn't want any favour to which he says tomorrow entire gang will be there and he is part of their gang as well. He puts his hand on his shoulder and says you will come. Yuvi smiles.

    Sid is breaking responsibilities of engagement preparation when Riddhima walks in. She ignores Sid and gives responsibility to Naina for flowers arrangement and JP food. Sid says JP won't do it. JP looks at an angry Sid and nodes no. He then looks at Riddhima and says yes.

    There is an argument between Sid-Riddhima. Riddhima says Dr.Modi said I have a personal assistant here what is his name Dr.Siddhant Modi. Sid says me and personal assistant no way and I better commit suicide to which she says sure should I bring rope. They both start fighting again. Riddhima leaves and Atul goes behind her.

    At home, engagement preparations are on. Riddhima asks the man who told him to put these flowers out here as she said for roses to which Sid says he did. Riddhima asks who is he to which he says Siddhant Modi. They have another argument.

    Abhi-Nikki exchange rings. Riddhima says Naina to ask DJ to put some light music which Sid overhears. He asks dhol men to start playing dhol. Sid, Naina, Yuvi and JP start dancing. Naina pulls in Riddhima. Yuvi-Naina have an eye lock. Yuvi stops the men playing dhol and starts playing himself. People start dancing again.

    Sid, Naina, JP, Jiggy, Yuvi are standing on one side while Abhi, Nikki, Atul and Riddhima are standing on other side. Shashank says how he misses the old gang and they were good. Atul says offcourse as they were there in that batch. Riddhima says who can be better than them to which Sid says us.

    Sid and Riddhima have an argument. Sid says we will prove our batch is better to which Riddhima says we don't need to prove as we are already better. Padma says how will be decision taken to which Kirti says all decision happens in basketball court. Sid says done. Riddhima show thumps up while Sid show down to each other.

    Precap for Next Week-At basketball court, Sid says you think you are better to which she says I am. Riddhima says if I win I would put a black paint on your face in front of everyone to which Sid replies if I win I would kiss you in front of everyone. Sid asks her if she got scared. Riddhima turns around and says Dr.Riddhima Gupta is not scared of anyone. They both are on centre of the basketball court. Both join hands and behind we see basketball going in basket.

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