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    Episode# 300: Shashank thinks he has played the winning card by calling for the BMC to come and evict Armaan from the tent side but as the BMC guys are doing their job Armaan relates to them his love story and they melt with emotions; they instead tell him that he has their full support.

    Song in which everyone dances together, Shashank is upset over the developments as things haven't turned out as expected by him and hence he calls the cops to finally put an end to all this. The cops arrive and threaten Armaan to get going or face consequences they give him an ultimatum to vacate the premises by the evening.

    Shashank on being questioned by Abhimanyu states that he is not been harsh to Armaan and that if they consider them to be friend's of Armaan they should try to talk him out of all this madness. A few paetients and interns decide to help Armaan in his struggle. Riddhima pulls Armaan to a corner and they share a moment. Meanwhile, the patients call a radio station trying to voice Armaan's problems.

    Nikita tries to divert Abhimanyu again but fails to do so, she decides that she must hand over her resignation letter soon. Armaan is purposely given more and more work so that he can't reach the tent on time and save it from getting demolished, when he finally reaches he sees the police looking very confused as stopping the police is a human chain comprising of his friends and patients.

    Episode# 301: Amidst all this commotion Lovely and Nana are creating the most confusion, the police don't want to take matters under them as there is media present. They tell Shashank that it is his personal problem and that they can't do anything about it.

    Both Armaan and Riddhima want to be with each other and Nani wants all this to end. Shashank is upset at seeing his own hospital staff against him and tells them that he will finally end all this in an matter of hours. Riddhima continues to be upset as she is torn between her lover and father.

    Nikita hasn't left the hospital and Abhimanyu smirks at the fact that she has lost her challenge; Nikita says that she has stayed only for Armaan.

    The RJ enters the scene and a debate between the two warring sides is put forward. Debate is being publicized but Shashank is non committal. Anjali loses it when she tries to have a heart to heart conversation with her sister, Armaan for the first time isn't ashamed of his love for Riddhima in the presence of Shashank. Shashank accepts the challenge as everyone is of the opinion that he is scared of losing the debate against Armaan.

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