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    Cool 15th may written/video update

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    Shash stops them armi n others tells them sorry shash says for wht?? all bbecome happy n again starts their drama..... they introduces themselves 2 shash n ask for shubh..shash tells them they leaves ...atul,armi n rahul goes 2 shubh.. ...nana ask them wht they doing here??? shubh ask do u want something???he tellls that my sis is having prob in breathing.... bi says some prob is there.... shubh checks the patient...atul yells @ shubh u should check patyient alone...... shub says excuse me i m a senior doc so follow me...shubh tells leave this lady n u go outside...armi atul doesnt agrree but shubh sends them outside......they go outside... shubh lay down rahul...rahul takes out his burkha...shubh starts 2 scream,,,,, armi &atul comes inside n starts 2 sing ishqqqqqqqqqqqq... shubh is shocked..the boy tells that we wnat 2 go lonavla with the girls .......we were thinking u should also come as kirti is also going.... shubh says shutup..he tells my job will go becoz of u....... shub tells shash will catch us..shubh is angry n tells them 2 get lost..they doesnt leave so shubh leaves... armi is talking 2 ward boy thtt lonavla is not a safe place....... girls r not safe there..shash listens this n thinks did i do the right thing 2 send girls alone... he says yes b4r also they went there!! armi leaves from there... shash comes in lift where atul is talking 2 lovely n tells lonavla is not good for girls...lovley says its nothing like that.... atul tells my sister went there n some 1 kidnapped her... lovely tells really?? the lifts stops n shash comes out of the lift

    Rahul is in burka n tells 2 some nurse that once upon a time i went 2 lonavla n some 1 harrassed me there..... shash heard this....shubh comes there armi n atul signs shubh...but shubh says i wont do anything?!!! shash says u r talking 2 me?>?? shubh says no.... shubh tells i wont go 2 lonavla.... shash says i want 2 complete my line... shash says ur going 2 lonavla & thats final....shubh gets upset..all other becomes happy!!! atul makes a list for the things which they have 2 take for lonavla....he tells i have 2 take chikky for anji.... as tehre is not any market armi says we r going 2 lonavla becoz ladkiyon ko wahan matti chakhani hai... atul tells matti lekin waha pahad hotain hai n anji wont b able 2 eat that..... armi gets angry n tells atul 2 leave...rahul comes n tells atul is going for anji there but for whom u r going?? armi tells for lovely y???? r u jealous?? rahul says u r going becoz of ridz na?? u tell that tehre is nothing between u n her... rahul says u both fight but but u still says there is nothing between the u 2..he says uwent 2 kasuali becoz of her n she brought u back..armi says she was everything 2 me but if she doesnt want me in her life ...wht should i do?? should i live like a devdas?? armi says actually i also did that but she still doesnt care... rahul then says something which i ddint heard properly.... armi says now tehre is nothing between us.... atul comes n says wht r u talking guys?? armi says nothing...they all leave!!!

    ridz with other girls meets the children in lonavla..... kirti also meets them the kids ask for armi...ridz doesnt know wht 2 say!!! armi atul n rahul r in shubh car.. they all r getting irritated..armi ask where u put the oranges.....theyall try 2 keep quiet...shubh is singing song..when rahul starts sneezing... shubh 1st stops then again starts 2 sing..rahul again sneeze... shubh stops his car n checks its tyre he checks the tyre the boys stands up..shubh sees them n screams. out.. armi, atul n rahul says hi2 him... shubh says wht u doing here?? they says we were in ur car..shubh says thats y u were telling lets go 2 lonavla!!..shubh tells 2 get down... boys tells if we wont go2 lonavla then it will b difficult.... atul do the act of crying.... atul says if u wanaa go 2 lonavla u have 2 cross my body..... atul says atleast take me with u...shubh ask y u all want 2 go 2 lonavla... atul says i want 2 go for anji... shubh tells naughty boy...he ask y u r going rahul?? armi tells he is going for muski... rahul shouts/..armi takes rahul aside n tells 2 say this or else i will give u a punch.... rahul says i m going for muski... shubh ask for whom u r going armaan?? he tells i have an important work...rahul tells 2 armi 2 tell shubh the reason...armi says becoz i want 2 help them as alone they cant do anything!!! armi says u also have 2 tell kirti abt ur feelings... shubh starts 2 smile.... they tell u r gr8 sir..shubh says i cant take u as if shash will see he will kill us... boys tells he wont catch us ..they shows shubh oranges.. @ the end rahul,atul,n armi dresses up as a girl!!

    precap: rahul, atul, armi comes lonvala, they r in girls get up!!!

    Video Update :



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