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    Default Ram Kapoor's 'fan connection' on the sets of Dil Ki Baatein...

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    Ram Kapoor is a stellar performer, whether he is enacting effortlessly for his roles on the small screen, or when he is entertaining masses on the big screen!!

    Well, his emotional struggle in the ongoing Sony TV show, Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane (Guruodev Bhalla and Dhaval Gada), as the protagonist Ram, has been appreciated by one and all.

    Yes, the story has been really touching and brings tears in every living room!! But the only person who seems to be getting an ‘airy and breezy comfort’ even while sobbing seems to be the talented Ram Kapoor.

    Wondering what we are talking about? Well, have you seen the episodes of Dil Ki Baatein?

    If so, you must have observed that during the close up sequences of Ram, almost all the scenes have a strong whiff of air hitting Ram’s face and hair, giving the actor an extra glow and freshness.

    We bet many here would have seen this!!

    Well, we hear that this is all because of the summer heat taking a toll on Ram.

    A source from the set tells us, “Yes, Ram’s spot boy makes sure that Ram is always guaranteed of good breeze while he is shooting his scenes. Hence, when his shots are taken, a fan gets placed right in front of Ram, so that he does not feel the heat of summer.”

    Wow, a very good idea, indeed!!

    So what if Ram is shown being in jail? So what if he is shown crying thinking of his good old days with wife and kids? Aah, Ram’s hair will always get to dance in the air.

    Guess it is the ‘heat’ that needs to be blamed here… Must say, a good idea to beat the heat and keep the actor on his toes…

    Have you missed out watching this little comfort zone of Ram? Stay tuned and do not miss Dil Ki Baatein today, to watch Ram as he spreads a breezy radiance all over…



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