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    Default Hunt for the missing letter to add drama in Dil Ki Baatein...

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    Sony Entertainment Televisionís popular series Dil Ki Baatein...Dil Ki Jaane (Guruodev Bhalla and Dhaval Gada) has been punching emotion and drama in its latest episodes.

    With the courtroom drama taking force, viewers will be seen basking in the high intensity drama in the coming days.

    As seen, Ayaan (Shrey Pareek) has managed to get a bail for Ram (Ram Kapoor), and his quest to prove him innocent will be going strong.

    Shares a source, ďAyaan will come to know about a letter that Anandita (Gurpreet Kohli) had written before asking Ram to pull the plug off her life support system. The letter had the proof that she wanted to end her life by her own will and Ramís not her killer.Ē

    With this information, Ayaan will go on an extensive search to find the piece of paper that can prove Ramís innocence. Ayaan will also doubt a family interference in misplacing the important letter.

    To his good fortune Disha (Mahima Makwana) will come forth to help him in his frantic quest.

    Will Ayaan manage to find the letter and prove Ram innocent?

    We tried reaching Shrey but he remained unavailable.



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