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    Default Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane - Connects emotionally and beautifully etched!

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    Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane, is surely a must watch for the viewers for the chemistry of the lead pair Ram and Anandita...

    Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane

    Monday to Thursday at 9.30pm only on Sony TV

    Produced By: Gurodev Bhalla

    Cast: Ram Kapoor, Gurdeep Kohli, Mahima Makwana, Pankaj Dheer, Ratnam Shinde

    Story so far: A cricket match is on in a society, where Ram Ahuja (Ram Kapoor) and his wife Anandita (Gurdeep Kohli) are batting. People praise Ram and Anandita for their fitness. Residents are also aware of the fact that, Anandita had undergone chemo two years back. Anandita argues with Ram for wasting dot balls. All of a sudden, Anandita feels dizzy on crease and faints. Ram and his two children- Arav (Ratnam Shinde) and Disha (Mahima Makwana) take care of Anandita. Ram is highly disturbed when he discovers her blood report which says, 'Blood Cancer Relapse'. He visits a local doctor in his society. Doctor advices Ram to take Anandita to a cancer hospital. Ram gets emotional when he informs Anandita that she has to visit hospital.

    Anandita requests Ram to face the truth but he refuses. Next day, Ram again tries to convince Anandita for a medical checkup. Anandita forces Ram to sell peanuts on a beach. Anandita tries to convince Ram to let her go peacefully instead of putting her through medicines and chemo therapy. Anandita wishes to meet her father. Their daughter, Disha tries to find the medical envelope when Arav interrupts. Anandita and Ram reach the gate of her father Mr. Kapoor's (Pankaj Dheer) house when watchmen stop them saying that Mr. Kapoor has no other daughter other than the one who is inside, and therefore, harass them when a servant sees them and stops the watchman and lets them inside. Her younger sister, Monica and Monica's husband Manav shout at them and ask them to leave.

    Anandita's father, Mr. Kapoor arrives and debate with her for leaving him 18 years back. Mr. Kapoor is not ready to forgive Anandita for what has happened in the past. Disappointed Anandita looks at her mother's photograph and leaves with Ram. Disha argues with her parents for visiting Mr. Kapoor's house. Ram convinces Disha and Anandita thanks Ram for letting her apologize to her father. Ram forcibly takes Anandita to hospital, but she elopes from there. Later Ram finds her sitting in the hospital's garden. She refuses to go for chemo therapy. Ram convinces her for the same. Mr. Kapoor finds a childhood drawing of his daughter Anandita, in a book and gets restless.

    Ram takes his family on a vacation to Jodhpur. Mr.Kapoor's assistance Sooraj arrives at the colony to meet Ram when a neighbor informs him that Ram and his family have left for Jodhpur. Anandita narrates to children how she met Ram. Anandita is about to fall from a raised wall of the fort when Ram saves her. Ram, Anandita and kids enjoy Rajasthani folk dance and participate in it too. While on a camel ride, Anandita feels dizzy and falls down. Ram and his children take care of her. Ram's doctor friend informs Ram that Anandita is left with a few days to live. Ram cries and hugs Anandita.

    Anandita urges Ram to play violin when he reveals that he sold his violin for the Jodhpur trip. Anandita is taken aback. Ram along with his children works out a to take out the violin from the display panel. While Ram and kids are stealing the violin from hotel's showcase, security alarm goes on but Disha's presence of mind saves them from the embarrassment. Ram and Arav successfully steal the violin. Hotel manager comes to know that the violin is missing. Anandita's sister Monica suspects Sooraj, but Monica's husband asks her to relax as her father will never accept Anandita. Ram plays violin to cheer Anandita and later return it back to the hotel manager. He keeps his promise and cheers Anandita by playing violin and returns it to the manager. Kids and Ram convince Anandita to extend their stay. Anandita is overwhelmed with Ram's surprise birthday gift. While enjoying peaceful evening, Ram tells his kids how he proposed Anandita. Mr. Kapoor is thinking about past and especially Anandita. Anandita feels lightheaded and vomits.

    At hotel, they celebrate Anandita's birthday. Anandita is worried by the exorbitant bill. Ram expresses his lack of capacity to pay the bill. When the police arrive, he tell the inspector about his wife's cancer and wishes to have dinner with her. Anandita and kids are worried about Ram. Ram impresses police and hotel manager with his love for wife and pardons him. Ahuja family returns home after the vacation. Their house owner is not happy about the fact that, they went holding back four months of rent. At market, Anandita faints.

    Ram requests a local doctor to visit the spot but the doctor denies and asks Ram to bring Anandita in the hospital. Ram fights with him and hospital attendants lock him up in a room. Doctor calls police. Children are worried as they are waiting for Ram. Police arrives and force the doctor to treat Anandita. Doctor advises Ram to take Anandita to a cancer specialist, to which Disha is shocked. Ram and his family are back to Mumbai and Anandita is hospitalized. Ram consoles Disha. Anandita insists Ram to take her home, as she doesn't like to stay in hospital. Doctor confirms with Ram that it's hard to save Anandita. Kids hug Anandita and cry.

    What works: Ram Kapoor is back to playing a doting husband and father with DKB. Gurdeep Kohli as Anandita' is a perfect match for Ram Ahuja. Gurdeep has succeeded in bringing out Anandita's positive approach, warm nature superbly. Ram Kapoor looks real as musician who deeply loves his wife. Mahima Makhwana and Ratnam Shinde complete the Ahuja' family beautifully. Pankaj Dheer's presence as Mr.Kapoor is noticeable.

    What doesn't work: Except for the high emotional quotient (which is required as per the script) there is nothing to dislike.

    Our take: It's a heartfelt story of a loving family caught in a crisis which is non-reversible. Ram Kapoor and Gurdeep Kohli as a lead pair add their charm to the story. Chemistry between Ram and Gurdeep is outstanding. In all, Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane' is a simple story of regular people, told beautifully.



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