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    Default Bravo Act: Ram Kapoor does a Amitabh Bachchan in Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane

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    Remember the iconic scene in Deewar where an atheist Amitabh Bachchan confronts God and begs him to save his mother's life. The line 'Khush toh bahut honge tum aaj,' followed by the trademark 'haain' has now been ingrained in popular Bollywood folklore for years now. Decades later, the finest actor of Indian television, Ram Kapoor has enacted a similar scene in Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane, an upcoming show that is meant to be a clutter breaker from the house of Sony Entertainment Television.

    The scene (as seen in the promo) has a forlorn Ram standing helpless in front of Lord Krishna's idol in their house temple. An atheist himself, Ram's character has never ever approached God hitherto. And what has brought him to the Almighty's door step is his dear wife's worsening medical conditioning. With medicines and drugs perhaps failing to work, the only last resort lay in divine intervention.

    Throwing caution to wind, Ram decides it's time to give God his first and only shot at the eleventh hour. Prostrating before Lord Krishna's idol, Ram makes a fervent appeal reminding God about the goodness of his wife and the way she worshipped him and taught their kids the essence of prayer. His only wish and prayer is to God is to rescue his big devotee (Gurdeep Kaur) from the clutches of imminent death.

    While it wouldn't be right to compare Ram to the legendary Amitabh, one can't help but draw similarities between the two scenes. Both the actor start off on an aggressive note and later end up falling at Lord's feet imploring them to spare their loved one's life. Ramís perfect emotion, a poignant concoction of anger, helplessness and pain, give you goosebumps. The show which will soon go on air is all about positivity and hope amidst difficult situations, something we all could relate to.

    Watch out for Ram's heart rendering performance as is evident from the trailer.



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