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    Default Jay Soni's fascination of travelling!

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    Jay Soni who was seen hosting Dil Hain Chotasa Choti Si Asha loves travelling ,have been to many places and now he is spending leisure time in Goa.

    Jay Soni, last seen as a host for Sony Pal's Dil Hai Chotasa Choti Si Aasha talks about his interest in travelling.

    We always comes with travel dairy of your favorite star and this time its Jay Soni. He has been to many places like Italy, Spain, Thailand and dreams of exploring many other place. Currently he is spending time with his wife and friends in Goa, one of his favorite place.

    When we got in touch with him he says, "Yes I am spending my holidays in Goa. I feel calm and at peace here. So, whenever I am free I come here to spend some quality time. I am a person who cannot stay away from travelling. I like exploring new things as it lets you know yourself better and it also teaches you new things. I have been on many rode trips. During my travels I did sky diving, snorkelling, scuba diving."

    As you are adventurous have you ever thought of participating in Khatron Ke Khiladi? "Yes I want to but my parents say that I should not. But in future if I get the opportunity, I will."



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