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    Default Thrill zone with Kunwar Amarjeet Singh

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    We brings to you ‘Thrill zone’ with Kunwar Amarjeet Singh

    Tuesdays are dedicated to Tellywood actors who have experienced adventure and thrill at some point in their life. This week, Kunwar Amarjeet Singh who plays the role of Reyaansh in Channel V's Dil Dostii Dance shares his experiences with us...

    What is adventure according to you?

    For me adventure is when someone takes a step forward breaking personal limitations. For instance, when you overcome your phobia that is adventure. People can go for an outing or underwater, but you should always attempt to do something which makes you think 'Oh, I am going to die', that will be your real adventure.

    Give us an insight on your most adventurous day...

    I want to sky dive and go bungee jumping but I haven't got a chance yet. I am still waiting to do something adventurous in my life.

    Your favorite adventure sport?

    Sky diving. I really want to go underwater and see the life underneath.

    One thrilling adventure on your wish list?
    I want to jump from the highest point of the tallest building ever created.
    Who would you want to take for a thrilling activity from the industry?

    Hrithik Roshan for sure. He is my dancing idol and I am a big fan of him. He is the most stylish action hero so I can definitely learn something from him.



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