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    Default Taani's birthday celebration to be a dramatic affair in D3

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    Channel Vís Dil Dostii Dance (Cinevistaas) star Vrinda Dawda celebrated her birthday on 31 March 2013 and now itís time for her on-screen character Taani to have a birthday blast.

    On her birthday, Taani will be all upset as none of her friends will wish her throughout the day. But, she will be all happy when she will learn about the surprise birthday party in plan. The do will be planned by her cousin Swayam (Shantanu Maheshwari).

    Furthermore, we hear that there will be some huge drama at Taaniís birthday bash. Since, the party will be held at Swayamís place his father Mr. Shikhawat (Jiten Lalwani) will bump into Reyaansh (Kunwar Amar) who will also be present at the venue.

    As seen earlier Mr. Shikhawat is very fond of Reyaansh as he feels that he has all that he always wanted his son to have. Therefore, he will be very happy to see him. In fact he will also ask Swayam to be like him on learning about their friendship.

    A comparison with his friend will really not go down well with Swayam.

    Taani will be worried about Reyaanshís reality being revealed to her Tauji (uncle), Mr. Shikhawat. What reality are we talking about?

    Well since, Taaniís Tauji hates dancers she wouldnít want him to know that Reyaansh is also one. Therefore, she will be seen interrupting in between their conversations at the party.

    We tried contacting Vrinda and Shantanu but they remained unavailable for comment.



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