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    Default "I like summer only for one reason that is mangoes" - Kunwar Amarjeet Singh

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    TV actor Kunwar Amarjeet Singh tells us how he tries to beat the heat and also talks about his summer plans.

    Summer is here and along with it the rise in mercury which means everyone starts feeling the heat. Our TV celebs too are not spared and here they give tips related to summer and also share what they like and dislike about this season.

    We got in touch with the dashing actor Kunwar Amarjeet Singh who is seen Dil Dostii Dance on Channel V to talk about the same. Here is Amar sharing his likes and dislikes about summers...

    Do you like anything about summer?

    Actually speaking I don't like anything about summer because it's so hot in summer we sweat. We get dehydrated. But I like summer only for one reason that is mangoes. We get mangoes only in summer season.

    Summers are meant for... Vacation and mangoes. We all must go to a place where we can chill and enjoy.

    The perfect summer wear for me is... Cotton T-shirt and shorts.

    Shooting during summer is... If we are shooting indoor then it's not a problem because we have ACs to keep us cool but if we are shooting outdoor then it's a real pain and we get into trouble as we get dehydrated and our skin gets tanned.

    Things I carry along during summer... I am a very careless person, I forget to carry things and water I get on the sets during shooting as water is very important during summer and other than that I apply sunscreen cream from home itself so I don't carry it along with me.

    My favorite summer drink is... aam ras (Laugh)

    My travel destination during summer is... Manyan beach

    My beauty regime during summer is... I hardly take care about it. Like everybody knows that eating mango causes pimple but I eat then whenever I want without caring about the consequence. As an actor I have to scarifies my sleep, I have to work out a lot and so. But I can't stop eating mango as it comes only during summer. Even many a times I forget to apply sun screen cream also.

    My diet during summer is... I try to eat light food and avoid eating spicy food as it generates more heat in body. I drink lots of water and try to eat fruits maximum during summer.

    My fitness regime during summer is... Nothing special, I drink water, eat fruits and do workout.

    One summer tip... Wear sunglasses whenever you are going out and apply sunscreen cream, carry water along with you and keep drinking it in between so that you don't get dehydrated. Wear light color clothes.



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