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    Default St. Louis to get four new dancers; Sharon to quit dancing in Dil Dostii Dance

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    Channel [V]’s Dil Dostii Dance, produced by Cinevistaas Limited will focus on an interesting track wherein St. Louis welcomes few new kids as part of the dance troupe. And this decision of getting in a new set of kids and training them for India Fest is taken after many in the old group take a call that ‘dance’ is not their career.

    Apart from Nilesh (Macedon DMello), Aashi (Sneha Gupta), Swayam (Shantanu Maheshwari) and Rey (Kunwar Amarjeet Singh), all the others have left the group and have taken to studies. However with the new kids coming in and trying to step into the shoes of their seniors, the students who had already taken their call to leave dance get disturbed in mind and do not know why they feel odd when they themselves have chosen studies over dance.

    While the newly formed team starts to prepare for the India Fest they are hit by a major setback when Sharon (Vrushika Mehta) decides to quit dance for some reason. However, she decides to be a part of the team but not as a dancer.

    How will the team face this setback of Sharon not performing? Will the new kids get the opportunity to go to India Fest? Or will the older bunch of students don their dancing shoes again?

    This particular track will open up from next week.

    We hear that four new entries will happen and the dancers have been selected after an extensive audition. The four kids will be the ones joining the dance troupe.

    Watch this entertaining track in Dil Dostii Dance…



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