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    Default Shakti Mohan completes training at New York's Broadway Dance Centre

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    Shakti returns to Mumbai after taking dance training in New York

    Talented dancer and actress Shakti Mohan has just returned from New York. She was in New York from May to the end of September. However this wasn't a tourist visit. Shakti was taking intensive dancing training at the prestigious Broadway Dance Centre. Regarding her memorable experience at the Broadway Dance Centre, she says, "I was impressed by their developed infrastructure and different culture. People from varied age groups had come to learn there- from kids to senior citizens- all of whom were very enthusiastic to learn dancing. I choreographed for a festival out there."

    Shakti was the chosen artist to represent India amongst the most amazing talents from all over the world for the BBC World Collaboration Culture series. She explains, "They wanted people from various cultures to come together to showcase their talent."

    Music composer A.R.Rahman is full of praise for Shakti's work. Maestro A.R.Rahman has in fact written a testimonial on Shakti's official website, 'I find Shakti Mohan to be one of the most talented and dedicated artists in her field."

    Besides honing her dance skills, Shakti shopped a lot in New York. She also travelled to San Francisco and Las Vegas besides doing sight-seeing in New York.



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