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    Default Reyaansh and Swayam's team to win basketball match; Sharon to re-enter in D3

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    There has been a lot of buzz about Sharon making a comeback in Channel Vís Dil Dostii Dance (D3) (Cinevistaas).

    Yes, itís true.

    As seen in the earlier episodes, the AVP (Khushboo Grewal) of the school has asked the kids to prepare for a basketball match and promised to hand them back the dance rehearsal room only if they win the match. Hence, the kids have started preparing for the same.

    Our source further tells us that soon there will be a basketball match which Reyaansh (Kunwar Amar) and Swayamís (Shantanu Maheshwari) team will win. This will be a huge victory for the team as they will get back the rehearsal room where they can practice dancing yet again. AndÖ this is not it.

    This will also be a turning point for all the viewers of D3, as at the end of the match, Sharon will re-enter the show.

    Earlier, Sneha Kapoor who was playing Sharon made her exit from the show when she was shown moving out of the story to meet her ill father. Now, the channel has roped in a new girl, whose name has been kept under wraps, who will play Sharon. She will enter the show at the end of the basketball match.

    When we got in touch with Shantanu, he said, ďYes, we will be having a basketball match and it will be an interesting episode. I used to play basketball while I was in school, so itís after a long time, I will be getting back to it.Ē



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