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    Default Good News: Dil Dostii Dance stays; plans of D4 shelved

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    Fans of Dil Dostii Dance, the cult show on Channel V can now raise a toast and rejoice, as the show is going to stay on!!

    Yes, this very popular brand coming from Cinevistaas Ltd. which was supposed to wrap up in December this year, will not go off-air.

    Earlier, there were reports of the channel coming up with a new season titled D4, tentatively titled Dangerous Dil Dostii Dance. However, all the plans have now been put to the back-burner.

    A reliable source tells us that the creative brainstorming on the new season of the trendsetter show did start, with auditions happening for the lead faces.

    However, all that has been put to rest now. Dil Dostii Dance is too big a brand and the decision has been taken not to discontinue it, that too at a phase when the show is doing well. Also, the latest addition to the lead cast with Mohena Singh coming in has given a lot of freshness to the show. With dance getting into the focus yet again, the creative team has big plans for the future.

    So fans, your favourites Kunwar Amarjeet Singh and Shantanu Maheshwari aren’t going anywhere…

    This piece of news was confirmed by the channel. Lavanya Anand, Content Head, Channel V said, “I want to clarify once and for all that Dil Dostii Dance is not going off-air. We are planning a new interesting track with the same cast.”

    We tried contacting Producer Siddharth Malhotra, but he chose not to comment.

    So you all are happy? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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    OMG!! I'm sooo happy!!!! Yay!

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