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    Default Neeti Mohan lends her voice to Shakti Mohan in Dil Dostii Dance.

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    Dil Dostii Dance is gearing up for a musical night as it will be a treat for the fans to watch their favorite actors singing for the upcoming track of the show.

    Channel V's popular show Dil Dostii Dance has grabbed the eye balls of the masses for it's unique concept.

    The creative's of the show are leaving no stone unturned to captivate the attention of the audiences. As the show's concept is on dance, love and friendship, thus keeping the entertainment quotient intact, the cast of the show it seems have become the singers who were seen singing for their upcoming track. Yes you all heard it right; the actors have lent their voices and have sung a song for the upcoming tracks.

    The track is shot for the final presentation of the D3 gang for the affiliation. Instead of Shakti Mohan, her sister Neeti Mohan who is a well known singer has lent her voice for Shakti Mohan.

    We got in touch with the ace dancer Shakti Mohan to know more about it and she said, "Yes I was not able to lend my voice because I was very busy as I have 7 performances out of 9. That kept me very busy and thus I did not have time to go to the recording studio and do the recording. And also everyone had one or two lines to sing but I have 4 to 5 lines. So it was quite difficult to do both in a less span of time. At that point I asked Mukti Mohan to help me but my and her voice was sounding very funny, so ultimately we requested my other sister Neeti to save us from this mess. She was in abroad that time but she made it for me. She did the recording there itself and sent it across over here. Our voices sound similar, but there is a vast difference when it comes to singing. I love dance but I find it very difficult to sing. I feel that my voice is not suitable for singing."

    That's quite helpful and creative of you Neeti. We wish all the best for Shakti Mohan's performance!



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