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    Says Vrinda Dawda who started off her TV career with the reality show Perfect Bride and is now gaining immense popularity after portraying Taani in Channel V’s popular show Dil Dostii Dance…

    Tell us something about yourself. How is Vrinda in her real life?
    Vrinda is very fun loving, bubbly, friendly and an active person in her real life. Whenever I am not shooting and am at my home, then I do masti with my family or prefer to go out and meet my friends.

    How was the journey of Perfect Bride?
    It was a great experience for me because that was the very first thing which I did. I was very young at that time and I didn't know much about what was happening. I just thought of giving it a try. It was a good experience for me, and I made couple of good friends from there with whom I am still in touch with.

    How did acting happen to you?
    I had never thought of getting into acting. Modelling was something which I really wanted to do being it my craziest passion. During the time of Perfect Bride only, I was getting calls from the production houses and people used to tell me that I have a face so I should give it a try. So, I thought of giving it a try and keep on trying I am here now. Its my destiny which has got me here.

    Dil Dostii Dance is all about dance. So, are you fond of dancing?
    Yes, I am very much fond of dancing. Dance is something which I can't live without. I have never wanted to get into dancing professionally but I love dancing. I love dancing for fun; I love dancing for myself.

    Are you a trained dancer?
    I have got myself trained at Shaimak Davar's dance classes for couple of years but I have never thought of making dance as my career. I just used to dance for fun.

    With whom do you bond the best on sets?
    My bonding with everyone is equal on the sets because I met everyone together when I entered the show. There isn't any special one for me but I share a good and an equal bonding with everyone on the sets.

    What are the troubles faced by you in the journey towards stardom?
    There hasn't been any trouble for me but life is all about struggle and hard work. I had to go through many auditions and after I cracked one after a very long time. We can't say this as trouble, as it was all a part of my experience. I get to learn about acting in auditions itself. So, every bit of my journey has been a learning experience for me.

    One secret of yours which your fans don't know about you?
    My fans think that I diet a lot. So, my secret is that I don't diet. I just eat healthy and I eat everything like chocolates, butter, cheese, etc. but in proper way.

    Would you like to take part in any dance reality show?
    Yes, I would love to. My fans tried a lot to get me into the upcoming Jhalak. They filled Colors' page with their requests saying we want Vrinda Dawda in Jhalak. Unfortunately it couldn't happen this time.

    Do you dream of Bollywood? Which Bollywood actor you would like to work with?
    Yes, I do dream of Bollywood. If I will get a chance then I will be more than happy but if I don't get a chance then also it will be ok for me. I would definitely love to work with Aamir Khan. Like everyone say, he is truly a perfectionist. Even if I will get a little chance, I would love to work with him which will surely make me improve and get to learn. Secondly, I would love to work with Salman Khan (laughs).

    Message to your fans?
    Thank you so much for loving me so much. Now a days, their love is growing more and more and I would like to thank all of them for making me feel so special. I love each and every one of you. Always keep smiling, achieve what you want to do in your life, take good care of your selves and keep rocking.



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