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    Default Kunwar Amarjeet Singh "gels well" with Macedon and Archi

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    For Kunwar Amarjeet Singh, ‘dance’ means ‘life’!! And he feels blessed to have got an opportunity to showcase his dancing skills in addition to finding his ground as an actor in Channel V and Cinevistaas’ youth based show Dil Dostii Dance.

    Stating the facts very clearly, Kunwar tells us, “I always wanted to be known as a choreographer. But when the opportunity of turning an actor wherein the lead guy is a dancer knocked on my doors, I grabbed it with both hands. The journey of being part of Dil Dostii Dance has been awesome. People love me to bits, and appreciate my work. All credit to this has to go to the creative team and makers of the show, who have supported us and pushed us to exceed our limits and do well. They have always been working with thorough professionals and senior actors, and for them to work with newcomers like us was a challenge in itself. There was a time when I was thinking of quitting dance, and I must say God has been kind to me.”

    On the advantages of being a dancer, Kunwar states, “I know what it takes to face the camera, and express your feelings in front of the lens. When I came in as an actor, I needed to understand the basics of acting, and had to get the right expressions.”

    Ask him about his best friends in the D3 team, and he says, “I am close with everyone in the cast. All the boys in the show are like brothers, we spend lot of time together. But I must say I gel well with Macedon D’Mello (who plays Nilesh) and Archi (who essays the role of Vicky).”

    Talking about the budding chemistry between Rey and Taani in the show, Kunwar tells us, “It’s going good. Initially it was a bit tough to get going as it was a new character. But now we have gelled well as a pair and viewers like us. Vrinda (Dawda) when she entered lacked the experience of being a professional dancer. She knew the basics of dance, but had to be trained. She has done a commendable job to bridge the gap that existed between her and the others in D3 when it came to the dancing skills. She works really hard on getting her steps right. She is a quick learner and I help her out in dance forms whenever she wants any help.”

    Kunwar who loves hip hop and contemporary style of dancing wants to explore more as a dancer. “I want to train myself in martial arts, and want to maintain my physique by going to the gym. I guess all this will support my dance. When it comes to Indian form of dance, I would love to learn the mayur bandh chaw form when I have time. It is a very beautiful dance form which has a lot of grace. If I get a gap of six months, I would want to go for muscle training too, in addition to martial arts. My aim will be to get to a new level when I take up my next project post Dil Dostii Dance.”

    On his future, Kunwar tells us, “My dream is to stand tall in the Indian industry, so that people know me by my name. It is not necessary that this has to happen, but this has been my dream. But as of now, my motto is to work hard and do well.”

    All the best…Kunwar!!!



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