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    Default Kunwar Amarjeet Singh on his birthday today!

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    We got in touch with the dancing star Kunwar Amarjeet Singh on his birthday...

    We knew that God truly loved us a lot,
    When he gifted us with You,
    You are the most precious gift
    Anyone could ever be gifted with.
    On this very special day of your life Birthday,
    We wish God blesses you abundantly,
    And fills your heart with more love.

    Yes, the above lines hold true from the loving fans of the dancing star Kunwar Amarjeet Singh who celebrates his birthday today. On this very special day of his life we got in touch with him to share his birthday experience with us.

    Overwhelmed with the love of his fans, he said, "My birthday this year is surely the best so far and all the credit goes to my loving fans. I am thankful to them for making my birthday so special. The gifts they have sent me right from the cards, photo albums to other beautiful things, is just beyond words to express my feelings as I am totally elated."

    Talking about the best gift that he has received so far he said, "Few fans have got a Star named after me. I never imagined that I am so loved. This is totally unimaginable and I appreciate their love for me. Naming a Star after anyone is a very long and tough procedure as it all happens in USA. It is such a proud feeling when you know that a Star of your name shines bright in the sky. I never knew that I would be so loved and on this day, I thank each and every fan of mine for this wonderful gift and for making me feel on top of this world."

    On his plans today he said, "I am shooting today for the whole day so there are no plans made as of now but I have a hint that the D3 (Dil Dostii Dance) team has planned a surprise for me (smiles)."

    We wish Kunwar Amarjeet Singh a very happy Birthday!



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